Contoh Dialog percakapan Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang Tentang Liburan

Dialog Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang Tentang Liburan – Liburan adalah momen yang begitu menyenangkan. Untuk itu, berikut ini kami membuat sebuah dokumentasi percakapan yang didapat dari sahabat-sahabat yang sedang liburan. Semoga dialog berikut bisa menjadi contoh yang bermanfaat bagi Anda.

Contoh 1

Kanandra: Rivana, you look so pale. You seem bored with your work.
Rivana: Is that true? I don’t even realize it. But, yeah, I think that I need refreshment.
Kanandra: Yeah. Should we plan a holiday for us? I need refreshment, too. The st two weeks were very tough for us.
Rivana: Do you have any idea about the destination?
Kanandra: Let me think for a while. Hmm… how about Japan?
Rivana: Are you kidding me?
Kanandra: No, I’m not. I’m serious.
Rivana: I don’t have enough budget to go there. It is better for us to go Bandung. It costs cheaper.
Kanandra: Come on, Rivana. Trust me. I am a good holiday planner.
Rivana: Yes, I know it. But, I am not sure that you will cover everything for two of us.
Kanandra: Yes, that’s true. You’re smart as always.
Rivana: Then, what? Oh, Just forget it. I will not go to Japan with you.
Kanandra: We will be the backpackers.
Rivana: What?
Kanandra: Don’t worry. I have ever done it when I traveled in Europe.
Rivana: Can you guarantee the safety?
Kanandra: Trust me, dude.
Rivana: Then, how is the budget estimation? How much it will cost?
Kanandra: There is a discount of ticket flight from one of a travel agent. I am their loyal customer so that they give me special price. Overall, it will cost about Rp 3000.000.- for two days.
Rivana: Hmm… That’s still expensive for me.
Kanandra: Come on, Rivana. You will not regret it after you feel the sensation. It is very worth it. You dream to visit Disney Land, right? I can read your mind.
Rivana: Let me count my saving first. I have to consider several things.
Kanandra: Okay, let me know. Oh, one more, you don’t to worry about the visa. I can deal with it fast. Remember, I’m a good traveler. I’m a professional backpacker.
Rivana: Yeah, I know it, Kanandra. You have mentioned it.
Kanandra: Good. See you later.
Rivana: See you.

Contoh 2

Vanisha: Milea, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Where have you been?
Milea: Don’t you know that I got married two weeks ago? I have given the invitation through your secretary, Vanisha.
Vanisha: What? He didn’t give the invitation to me. Maybe, he forgot since we
have a lot of work in the office this month. If I’m not mistaken, I
went to Singapore to deal with my business two weeks ago. Oh, I’m
so sorry, Milea. Congratulation for your wedding. Have a blessed life with your husband.
Milea: It’s okay Vanisha. Thank you for you wish. It was also my mistake
that I don’t contact you first. You know, the preparation was very
tough. Even I lost my weight at that time.
Vanisha: Oh my God. But, everything ran well, right?
Milea: Yes, I am happy that it ran well.
Vanisha: Then, you went for honeymoon last two weeks?
Milea: Yes, of course. It was also a precious holiday for me and my husband.
We were very busy and it was such a relief that we had time to relax.
Vanisha: Where did you go?
Milea: We went to Bali. Hahaha. I have gone there for several times and Bali always pulls me back. It is like my second hometown. It is my favourite place to have a holiday. Fortunately, my husband also loves it.
Vanisha: Hmm… I can imagine how lovely it was. What places did you visit in Bali?
Milea: Actually, those were not new places for me. I have visited them many times. But, the difference was the partner. It became special since I went there with my love. In a week, we always had a romantic dinner. I still can’t move on from those moments.
Vanisha: Oh my God. You make me envy. It makes me to get married soon. Day by day, I become more workaholic. I need to move on. At least, I need to have a holoday, too. We never know that I can meet my future husband during the holiday. Hahahaha.
Milea: Hopefully, you can make it fast, dear. I am waiting for the invitation from you.
Vanisha: Thank you, Milea.
Milea: Anytime, dear. Let’s have lunch now. I will share a lot of stories then.
Vanisha: Okay, let’s go.